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Our Competitive Edge

Because of our advanced position and expertise in the field of human resources, Pro Resources is capable of generating a larger, stronger, and more qualified workforce selection for your customized staffing needs. Part of our strategy is our creation of a total employment package, including the benefits and training that consistently attracts a better workforce.

Ultimately, our competitive edge becomes yours.

With the support and advantages of our qualified and diverse team of workers, your business will be capable of improving its performance and increasing its share in the marketplace. And because your staff is your company's greatest asset, an investment in gaining the best workers is one of the best strategies your business can make.

Benefits are key

We provide benefits for our employees so you don't have to – helping impact retention and your bottom line.

*Pro Resources is fully compliant with all ACA legislation.

Training and orientation matter

We do more than provide skilled people. We help train and orient them on your company's specific administrative, safety and performance expectations so that they are productive from day one. The result: your staff will deliver better results, sooner, for your customers.

A diverse pool of applicants means a better workplace

As your company seeks ways to assure equal opportunities and build a diverse workforce, let the Pro Resources database help you. We use innovative, proactive recruiting methods including job fairs, diverse advertising placement, and a referral incentive program to achieve a diverse pool of applicants.

Partner With Us

Upcoming Job Fairs
Pro Resources regularly hosts job fairs and in-person events. Click here to see view a list of our upcoming events.
Pro Resources excels at responding to our needs quickly, listening to what we need, and getting it right the first time. Pro Resources is not just a temporary staffing agency, they are a partner! Most importantly, Pro Resources understands customer service!
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