Important Steps to Take After Your Job Interview

Important Steps to Take After Your Job Interview | Pro Resources

It’s possible your whole life currently revolves around your job search. You’ve polished your resume, updated your online professional networking profiles, and lined up references. You’ve applied to countless positions, tweaking your resume each time to suit the job description and requirements. You’ve drafted dozens of cover letters and even fielded a few screening interviews. […]

Interview Prep: What’s Your Greatest Strength and Weakness?

Interview Prep: What's Your Greatest Strength and Weakness? | Pro Resources

Some job interview questions are fairly straightforward, others less so. Then there’s this double-down trickster: What is your greatest strength and what is your greatest weakness? This two-sided question can either spotlight your self-awareness or plunge you into interview anguish. Let’s go over how to choose what to reveal, along with some precautions. What is […]

How to Ask Your Boss for a Raise

How to Ask Your Boss for a Raise | Pro Resources

The desire for better pay has been a major motivation behind the Great Resignation. What if you like where you work – but wish you could make more doing it?  Before you quit, maybe it’s time to ask for a raise. Requesting a higher salary makes many people uncomfortable. Employees sometimes hesitate to ask for […]

How to Effectively Explain Why You Were ‘Let Go’ From a Previous Job

There are all kinds of terms for it—let go, separated, terminated—but they all mean the same thing – fired! And when you’re sitting in a job interview, you’ll need to explain why if it happened to you. It’s uncomfortable to sit across from a hiring manager and face that inevitable question: “Why were you let […]