Struggling to Get Your Resume Noticed?

Anytime a company posts a job opening, hiring managers and HR personnel and are often flooded with resumes. Because they don‘t have the time or resources to deal with all of them, they find ways to eliminate candidates quickly.  Many don‘t give resumes much more than a cursory glance before deciding whether to keep or toss them. So, you must make those precious few seconds count.  Here are some suggestions for making your resume stand out from a crowded field:  Always tailor your resume to the […]

In a Rut? Here’s How to Change Up Your Routine at Work

Feeling stuck at work? You may need to change your job to get out of your rut, but more likely, you just need to shake up your routine at work a little bit. Consider these ideas to reinvigorate your daily routine. Start off on the right foot. A great workday begins first thing in the […]