How to Deal with Annoying Co-Workers

How to Deal with Annoying Co-Workers | Pro Resources

For the first time in two years, many employees are back in the office. While you’re probably excited to see your co-workers in person, they sometimes do things you might find annoying. Aside from pointedly ignoring them or running the other way when you see them coming, what’s the best way to deal with annoying […]

4 Steps to Defeating Imposter Syndrome

Interview Prep:4 Steps to Defeating Imposter Syndrome | Pro Resources How Did You Deal with a Difficult Person? | Pro Resources

If you suffer from chronic self-doubt and frequently downplay your professional accomplishments, you may suffer from Imposter Syndrome (IS). While occasional feelings of inadequacy are normal, people with IS are rarely comfortable with their achievements and often fear others will someday discover they are “fakes”. “Very high self-doubt is not conducive to a career,” says Fabio […]

3 Ways to Recover from Setbacks at Work

Heard of the straw that broke the camel’s back? It’s a small thing that makes a larger load overwhelming. In modern life, that could mean a traffic backup on the way to work, or a printer jamming in the middle of a large report. They may not be major problems, but they can send our […]