How to Research Company Culture to Find a Good Fit

How to Research Company Culture to Find a Good Fit | Pro Resources

Workers want more out of a job these days – and not just in salary and benefits. A Glassdoor survey revealed that 77 percent of job seekers consider company culture even before they apply for a position. With that in mind, how do you determine a company’s culture before you’ve actually begun working there? Keep […]

How to Bring Your Best Self to Work

How to Bring Your Best Self to Work | Pro Resources

There’s a classic piece of career advice: “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.”  The saying reminds us of the importance of a forward-thinking attitude and it’s a good point to remember if you strive to bring your best self to work. In an article for SHRM, author and British business […]

How to Answer the Interview Question ‘How Do You Like to be Managed?’

How would you respond to the interview question, “How do you like to be managed?” If you’ve never thought about management styles before – or your preference for a particular style – this question could throw you off balance. Here are some things to consider before responding. Why Are They Asking This Question? This question […]

Why Fall 2021 is a Great Time to Find a New Job

Eighteen months into the pandemic, our lives are finally beginning to seem a little more settled. Employers are looking toward the future and have begun expanding their workforce. There are four main reasons that Fall 2021 is a great time to look for work. Employers are desperate for workers Employment rates are up Pay rates […]