Don’t Hesitate and Miss an Opportunity You Have Been Waiting For!

Many people wish for change, but when an opportunity comes along, they tend to hesitate. As much as you might want a new position, you may also fear starting over. But it’s important not to wait too long, as big chances tend to disappear just as quickly as they showed up. Ask yourself these questions, and then, if the opportunity […]

Recently Unemployed? Here is How to Address the Gap in an Interview

The COVID-19 pandemic upended life as we know it, taking the unemployment rate to its highest level since the Great Depression. Jobs have slowly started to come back, and if your unemployment is due to the pandemic, no real explanation is needed. But even before COVID-19, employment gaps were extremely common. In fact, the average baby […]

3 Ways to Adjust to Rotational Shiftwork

Rotational shiftwork simply means that rather than having set work hours, your schedule changes from day to day, including both daytime and overnight shifts. Despite the word “rotational,” you may not rotate through specific shifts throughout the week, but instead, work a haphazard collection of hours. If you’re new to this type of work, you […]

Struggling to Pay Your Bills?

The COVID-19 pandemic put millions of people out of work, while others are now working reduced hours. If you’re unemployed or underemployed due to the crisis, there may be federal, state, and local programs to help. But many people have trouble paying their bills each month even during normal times. Regardless of what happened to your […]

National Safety Month: Time for a Procedure Check-Up

Employers in light industrial environments have the added responsibility of maintaining equipment to keep a safe and healthy workplace. A safety program goes a long way toward improving your work environment, while a maintenance schedule will ensure that you maintain your equipment consistently.  Part of your procedure must include using personal protective equipment (PPE) Personal protective equipment is anything worn to minimize exposure […]

Tips to Position Yourself as Managerial Material

Even though you‘ve accumulated experience on the job and feel that it‘s time you be considered for a leadership position, that isn‘t enough to make it happen. Sometimes the workers who do the highest quality work in the shortest amount of time fail as managers. While being an expert in your role as a worker […]