Why the Holidays Are a Great Time to Network

The holiday season can be an excellent time to relax, but if you’re out of work, it is also the perfect time to kick your job hunt into high gear. Employers tend to do a lot of hiring at the beginning of the year, so putting on your game face now can put you on […]

How to Disconnect and Destress After Work Hours

Americans think of it as a badge of honor to work long hours each week, take fewer vacation days and be available for job-related emails and phone calls 24/7. And technology makes it all possible since they can carry their workplace in a pocket or purse. All of this can help you with your career […]

Looking for a Job While You’re Still Employed? Here’s How to Do it After Hours

If you’re one of those unlucky workers who has lost your job, you’re free to look for your next one whenever you please. If you are still employed and searching, however, that’s quite a bit trickier. If your company discovers you’re trying to move elsewhere, they may expedite things by firing you. Depending on their […]

3 Steps to Take in Your Workplace to Prevent Sickness Before It Spreads

They’re baaack! All those co-workers with their runny noses, who sneeze and cough and complain. Now they’ve convinced you that you’re going to be the next one to experience these annoying symptoms. It usually starts in November and lasts through late spring. It’s called cold and flu season, and it’s hard to avoid when people […]