3 Things – Besides Coffee – That Will Give You Energy at Work

Some individuals wake up inspired, energized and ready to tackle the day that lies ahead. Not surprisingly, they are called “morning people.” But if you aren’t among this elite group, your day probably begins something like this: You wake up bleary-eyed because you stayed up late, then you get ready for work in a trance-like […]

3 Signs You’re Dealing With a Bad Manager

Despite all the evidence that bad managers hurt productivity, destroy morale and increase turnover in an organization, there are still plenty of them around. And if you have the bad luck to work for one of them, you already know what a toxic situation they can create. There are a variety of signs that point […]

Have You Prepared Your Elevator Pitch for Your Next Interview?

You probably already know the importance of first impressions. Well, they’re even more crucial when you’re searching for a job. Introducing yourself properly lays the groundwork for a professional conversation, and this dialog can take place almost anywhere – at a networking event, with an associate or at the start of an interview. One tool […]