Leadership Tips That Can Help Reduce Unnecessary Turnover

Employee turnover is one of the biggest challenges many companies face. It costs money to hire and train a new employee. Constant turnover can damage team cohesion. And open positions can leave your current team members feeling exhausted and overwhelmed as they try to cover the workload. You can’t end employee turnover altogether. However, following […]

Great Management Is an Art

Whether you’re a brand new manager or have been managing for years, great management is an art as well as a science. Many otherwise excellent managers find themselves tripped up by pitfalls that can sink their ability to lead effectively. If you want to take your management abilities to the next level, watch out for […]

How to Begin the Process of Bringing Furloughed Employees Back to Work

The coronavirus pandemic created an extraordinary economic downturn that forced businesses to furlough workers in staggering numbers. These layoffs were necessary to help their organizations cut costs temporarily.  Now the economy is showing signs of recovery, and it’s an opportunity to bring many of them back. Although some jobs might not return, it looks as […]

Companies Are Now Offering Extra Days Off for Employees Who Quit Smoking

Many non-smokers have been complaining about the extra breaks their coworkers get when they step outside several times a day for a cigarette. Resentment leads to lower morale, which is bad for business.   One Japanese company tackled the issue and may have come up with a solution: allowing its non-smoking workers to take an extra six days of paid time off each year. The […]

Does Your Company Tolerate Office Bullies?

You’ve likely encountered bullies as you were growing up. And if you were the target of one of these mean-spirited individuals, you couldn’t wait until you grew up and were rid of them for good.  Guess what? They haven’t gone away—at least, not entirely. One or more of them could be in your company right now, intimidating other workers and spreading malicious gossip or outright lies. Bullies love to steal credit from […]

Signs You Don’t Appear Approachable to Your Team

You’ve seen them throughout your life: those special individuals everyone wants to be around, with their magnetic personality and welcoming demeanor. You can pick them out at every social gathering by all those smiling faces that surround them.  And then there’s you and the majority of us: you might be just as successful, caring, and good-natured as those “popular […]