Four Tips to Ease Work Stress and Enjoy the Holidays

The holidays can be a tough time to be at work. You want to enjoy everything that goes with the season – family visits, cookie baking, school performances, decorating, shopping. But you’re already stressed by shortened work deadlines. When schedules are crammed, both your work and private life can suffer. How do you ease the […]

What Do Candidates Want to Hear About When It Comes to Company Culture?

“Company culture” has become a hot topic, and to attract the best candidates, you will need to clearly define yours. But what is company culture, and what are applicants actually asking for? Here’s what you need to know. Defining Company Culture Although your company culture begins with your mission and value statements, those aren’t really […]

Is Your Break Room Helping or Hurting Office Culture?

When was the last time you gave your break room any thought? Maybe that’s because you didn’t realize the role it can play in determining office culture and morale in the workplace. The best break rooms offer a place to relax and renew, enhancing production and optimism. But some have become spaces for gossip and griping.  Ideally, a break […]

Has Your Manager Taught You These 3 Professional Lessons?

Most managers didn’t make it to the upper echelons of their company by having their head in the clouds. They observed and learned from those they hoped to emulate, and those lessons served them well. Just remember the lessons your manager learned can be a valuable asset for you as well. Ask questions, listen carefully […]

Is Your Management Style Gaining a Bad Reputation Among Your Employees?

You don’t have to be buddies with the workers you supervise. It’s usually less complicated if you aren’t. But you do need to establish a good working relationship with them. After all, you will spend eight or more hours with them on weekdays and maybe even on a few weekends. That’s a lot of time […]