Great Management Is an Art

Whether you’re a brand new manager or have been managing for years, great management is an art as well as a science. Many otherwise excellent managers find themselves tripped up by pitfalls that can sink their ability to lead effectively. If you want to take your management abilities to the next level, watch out for […]

4 Ways to Deal With Workplace Gossip

You can hear it anywhere workers congregate. Mostly idle chatter about TV shows, movies and sports. Then, someone changes the tone of the conversation to focus on an unsubstantiated rumor about a co-worker’s infidelity. Voices are suddenly lowered as the details of the affair emerge. The harmless chit-chat has become toxic workplace gossip. In many […]

5 Ways to Stand Out as a Leader in Your Workplace

If going through the motions is not nearly enough for you, you might just have the personal qualities that will get you noticed when your manager is searching for someone to lead an important project or take on a managerial role. Here are five personal qualities that will characterize you as a leader. If you […]

How to Effectively Explain Why You Were ‘Let Go’ From a Previous Job

There are all kinds of terms for it—let go, separated, terminated—but they all mean the same thing – fired! And when you’re sitting in a job interview, you’ll need to explain why if it happened to you. It’s uncomfortable to sit across from a hiring manager and face that inevitable question: “Why were you let […]