Streamlined Onboarding Helps Your Company and Your New Hire

Streamlined Onboarding Helps Your Company and Your New Hire | Pro Resources

The hiring process can be lengthy and complex. Once you fill the position, you want your new staff on the job fast, working and making up for lost production time. Who can blame you for wanting to speed through the onboarding process? Actually, new staff can and do think less of a company that doesn’t […]

3 Hiring Tools That Will Save Your Business Time and Money

Hiring is often the most challenging aspect of managing a business. As your business grows, you must find excellent candidates from which to choose, and it isn’t a simple process. But there are some tools that savvy businesspeople have been using to save time and money. Here are three of them. Maybe these tools can […]

How Your Job Descriptions Could Be Pushing Away Candidates

First impressions are not a one-way street in recruiting. Just as recruiters can make quick judgments on candidates based on things such as omissions on their resume or mistakes in a cover letter, candidates can do the same thing based on their first impression of your job description. While job descriptions are by nature dry […]

Boost Your Confidence at Work With These 6 Tips

Some people seem to think that confidence is something you were born with and you either have it, or you don’t. But that can’t be true. Confidence is not immutable. Depending on the environment in which you grew up, you may have developed a good supply of it or it may have been reduced to […]