6 Ways to Stop Anxiety from Ruining Your Mornings

6 Ways to Stop Anxiety from Ruining Your Mornings | Pro Resources

Do you dread your workday the minute your alarm goes off and feel some anxiety? While most of us feel stressed at work occasionally, prolonged stress may lead to anxiety. Mornings can feel particularly difficult – and there’s a scientific reason behind it. Our body’s level of cortisol, a hormone associated with anxiety, is highest […]

How to Counter a Candidate’s High Salary Expectations

How to Counter a Candidate's High Salary Expectations | Pro Resources

Salary negotiations can be stressful for both the employer and the job candidate. Applicants want their career move to boost their income. Employers seek the most qualified candidate at the best value. So, do high salary expectations put the perfect candidate out of reach? Not necessarily. Even smaller companies can offer a variety of less-tangible […]

4 Alternate Ways to Commute to Work

Not having a car can hamper a job search. If the location is miles from home, how do you find a reliable way to get there? Transportation alternatives in Central and Northern Indiana include: Ridesharing Car sharing Car/van pooling Public transit Ride Sharing Uber and Lyft are two popular ride-sharing services. Download the app and […]