Hustle Culture: To Become It or Break It?

Hustle culture glorifies overwork, even to the point of burnout. In fact, 45% of people proudly proclaim that they are members of hustle culture. As the theory goes, being “always on” means you’re a tough, dedicated, loyal employee. And on the surface, this makes sense. Skipping vacations, living on coffee and fast food, and checking your email […]

Are You Letting Emotions Affect the Way You Lead Your Team?

Emotions are what make us human, and it’s impossible to turn them off. However, leading with your emotions can wreak havoc on your team. Emotions are, by definition, irrational, and often erratic. They are also contagious. Your team will pick up on your emotionality and begin to reflect on it. Over time, an emotional leader […]

Safety First: Practice What You Preach

There’s an old concept in the construction industry known as the field/office divide. This represents the idea that the decisions being made in the home office rarely match what is happening in the field. Although it’s generally somewhat better in light industrial and technical workplaces, since managers tend to be onsite, there can still be a gulf between employees and […]

3 Ways to Adjust to Rotational Shiftwork

Rotational shiftwork simply means that rather than having set work hours, your schedule changes from day to day, including both daytime and overnight shifts. Despite the word “rotational,” you may not rotate through specific shifts throughout the week, but instead, work a haphazard collection of hours. If you’re new to this type of work, you […]

Is Your Team Trying to Take Vacation All at Once?

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a global shutdown that was unprecedented in the modern age. Over just a few days, most employers shuttered their worksites, telling everyone who could work from home to do so and furloughing or laying off nearly everyone else. While some work locations are still closed, others have begun to welcome back […]

How to Begin the Process of Bringing Furloughed Employees Back to Work

The coronavirus pandemic created an extraordinary economic downturn that forced businesses to furlough workers in staggering numbers. These layoffs were necessary to help their organizations cut costs temporarily.  Now the economy is showing signs of recovery, and it’s an opportunity to bring many of them back. Although some jobs might not return, it looks as […]