Why Indiana Might Be the Place for You to Settle Down

There is plenty of speculation on how the term “Hoosier” came about, but two things are certain: it refers to anyone who lives in the state of Indiana, and practically everyone who resides there is proud of it. The Hoosier State is known for having several cities that offer an exceptional quality of life. And […]

Are You Handling Stress at Work Properly?

Stress in the workplace is not something to be taken lightly. You might reason it’s something you and every other worker is forced to deal with, and everyone just has to get used to it. But there is the normal stress that ebbs and flows throughout a workday; then there is chronic stress, a condition […]

3 Steps to Take in Your Workplace to Prevent Sickness Before It Spreads

They’re baaack! All those co-workers with their runny noses, who sneeze and cough and complain. Now they’ve convinced you that you’re going to be the next one to experience these annoying symptoms. It usually starts in November and lasts through late spring. It’s called cold and flu season, and it’s hard to avoid when people […]