7 Things to Do Before You Look for a New Job

7 Things to Do Before You Look for a New Job | Pro Resources

The rise of the Great Resignation has caused many workers to rethink their jobs. There will always be days when you feel frustrated at work. However, if looking for a new job is the next step in your career, it pays to be prepared. Here are some important steps to take before you start a […]

Cut Your Meeting Time Down and Get BETTER Results

Meetings have always been the bane of the workplace, and it’s gotten worse since many companies have switched to a largely remote workforce. If you’re tired of meetings that never seem to end, you may be heartened to know that shorter meetings can actually be more effective. Humans have a limited attention span, so it’s […]

Are You Letting Emotions Affect the Way You Lead Your Team?

Emotions are what make us human, and it’s impossible to turn them off. However, leading with your emotions can wreak havoc on your team. Emotions are, by definition, irrational, and often erratic. They are also contagious. Your team will pick up on your emotionality and begin to reflect on it. Over time, an emotional leader […]

How Much Effort Should You Put into Employees Who Coast?

If you’re like most employers, you probably have at least a few employees who “coast” through their work. They don’t do anything wrong, per se, but they have figured out how to deliver exactly the minimum that is required and never go out of their way to excel. This can be frustrating because these employees […]

Is Your Team Trying to Take Vacation All at Once?

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a global shutdown that was unprecedented in the modern age. Over just a few days, most employers shuttered their worksites, telling everyone who could work from home to do so and furloughing or laying off nearly everyone else. While some work locations are still closed, others have begun to welcome back […]

During Stressful Times, Remember What You Have to Be Grateful For

We all spend substantial portions of our lives in the pursuit of that elusive feeling called happiness. We hope to find a high-paying job, create the perfect family, accumulate more money, and have an active social life—all with the overriding goal of achieving happiness.  But in this continuous quest for a happy life, how often do we […]