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Is Your Management Style Gaining a Bad Reputation Among Your Employees?

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Is Your Management Style Gaining a Bad Reputation Among Your Employees?

You don’t have to be buddies with the workers you supervise. It’s usually less complicated if you aren’t. But you do need to establish a good working relationship with them. After all, you will spend eight or more hours with them on weekdays and maybe even on a few weekends. That’s a lot of time together, and a toxic relationship will not allow that time to pass pleasantly.

Since you are an integral part of your employees’ lives, you should take a hard and honest look at the kind of relationship you have with them. It’s important to remember that a bad boss is the most frequently given reason when workers leave their jobs.

Here are some things that every manager should consider:

Is your shop a revolving door?

If people are coming and going in your department, that should raise a huge red flag. Of course, there will always be employees that leave for a more suitable job or higher pay, but if you’ve experienced a mass exodus of good people, you could probably look in the mirror for a reason. You need to take an honest look at your management style and make some serious adjustments.

Are you looking out for your employees’ interests?

It is part of your job, after all. And from a practical standpoint, it makes sense. If you have their backs, they’ll do the same. Look after their interests, and you have a better chance of having happy employees. And happy employees are productive employees!

Try seeing things from your workers’ perspectives.

You’ll get along much better with your workers if you try to connect with them. Once again, that doesn’t mean you should make them your best friends. It only means putting yourself in their shoes. In building a rapport with them, you might find out something that will help you manage them more effectively.

Always be clear and consistent in your communications.

Workers can quickly become frustrated if they don’t know what you want from them. And there are few things more irritating to an employee than a supervisor who is inconsistent with policy and expectations. Don’t be vague when you give instructions and don’t change any policy without informing everyone who will be affected.

Good managers learn how to balance the needs of the company with those of the workers under them. And retaining top employees is always good for the company.

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