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I have found Pro Resources Staffing Services to be professional, responsive to my needs and detail oriented.  Not only do I have confidence in the team’s ability to source candidates that meet our technical requirements, but they are also dedicated to identifying prospective candidates that are an excellent fit for our manufacturing culture. The team’s understanding of our business translates into reduced time to fill our vacancies. 

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“Pro Resources is a superb partner in any business climate.  They are always well-prepared and support our needs with integrity and terrific customer service!  Whenever we have a need for a new candidate they are responsive with capable people that allow us to make an intelligent choice for a prospective employee that will be a suitable fit for our team.” 

International Manufacturer

I am very happy to be working with Pro Resources, they have been amazing from the moment we opened our doors. They are very easy to communicate with, willing to listen, help, and they really work hard to provide the best employees. 


I have worked with Pro Resources for several years now as our exclusive staffing partner, during that time I have found them to be consistently look to find the candidates that would best fit our operation. They are quick to respond and the follow up is great! They have worked well with us to ensure our needs are met within the staffing area and we’ve developed a great relationship over the years. 


I’ve been lucky enough to work with Pro Resources for over a decade through two different employers, and they’ve never let me down.  No matter how tough times are, their team is always upbeat and friendly and willing to bend over backwards to get me the people I need to keep my shop running.  They are top-notch! 

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We love the team at Pro-Resources.  They have gone the extra mile to ensure our needs are met, both from a corporate aspect as well as the local location.  Pro-Resources has been our primary source for temporary employees for the past 6 years and we look forward to working them in years to come. 


The team at Pro Resources has been able to provide quality candidates for our open positions through working closely with us to learn what capabilities and skill sets we require to fulfill our openings.  They screen candidates based upon this knowledge and only send those that they feel meet those expectations which has led to reduced turnover within our warehouse. 

Sealing Solutions Customer

“We love using Pro Resources. They provide associates to meet our needs and the communication with them is outstanding.” 

EP Graphics

We have worked with Pro Resources for several years now.  Their staff is a pleasure to work with.  They are very professional and friendly.  They know how to handle matters with discretion and in a timely manner.  They are very in tuned to our staffing needs. 

Elkhart Products

As an employer we have enjoyed working closely with Pro Resources to find good quality employees for many years.  They are very quick in supplying applications for our changing needs, the service that we receive is excellent and much appreciated. 

S.D.P. Manufacturing, Inc.

“Pro Resources is a delight to work with.  We are able to count on them to provide us with applicants to fit our unique skill sets.” 


Three things that I’ve found with PRO that makes me happy: 

Their communication. 

Passion for what they do. 

A desire to do better. 


“Pro Resources is always willing to adjust to our needs and stays in constant contact to see how the employee is doing and if we need additional help.” 

Empire Refractory

Pro Resources is an extremely supportive and reliable staffing agency. They truly care about filling our positions and finding the best fit candidate for the job. Their timely feedback and frequent check-ins with our HR team are much appreciated. No matter the candidate we need – we know we can count on Pro Resources! 


“Pro Resources is always quick to respond and help us fill our needs!” 

National Cold Storage Facility

Pro Resources cares about your needs and does their best to find candidates that fit your needs. Always friendly and professional. Thank you! 


Pro Resources have very friendly, knowledgeable Staffing Associates who really try to recruit the specific needs an employer is looking for.  Pro Resources has always been very helpful and prompt when I call in with questions or present a new opening that we are in need of filling.

Global Specialty Manufacturer

Very professional. Prompt, friendly service. Many of the employees they provide for us, we have hired on permanently.

Pro Resources Client

The ProResources staff are able to handle a variety of temp issues in a timely manner and very professionally. They are very responsive to our staffing needs. The staff is a pleasure to deal with — very courteous, friendly and professional.

Pro Resources Client

SAFETY! SAFETY! SAFETY! As the safety tech for my facility making sure we have temp’s with a safety mindset is of the utmost importance. Pro Resources has always sent us temps that think safety before all else!

Pro Resources Client

Pro Resources seem to have a better pool of employees to work with than the other staffing agencies I work with.

Pro Resources Client

We were using Career Builder and Indeed to fill our openings and were having poor candidates apply and high turnover with the ones that we hired. Pro Resources sent both an inside salesperson and an accounting person for us as temp to hire positions. Both have since been hired on permanently and we have a new temporary accounting person starting today who is off to a great start as well. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for our staffing needs!

Pro Resources Client

Given the current job market climate in which candidates have multiple options available to them I believe Pre Resources does an excellent job of acquiring personnel needed. The in house staff have been professional, courteous and friendly while ensuring that our needs and the needs of the people they represent are fulfilled as much as possible.

Pro Resources Client

Long term connection with Pro Resources providing great service to my company. Quick response time, knowledgeable staff, and a high level of confidentiality.

Pro Resources Client

I have gotten two jobs painlessly through Pro Resources. They are always kind, courteous, and punctual when I talk to them on the phone or see them in the office.

Pro Resources Candidate

I was amazed at how quickly I was placed in a position. I had been with other staffing companies and had gone as long as 3 months without ever getting work. You guys did it in less than one week. I put in my application with you on a Sunday evening and Friday was my first day of work. I appreciate what you do.

Pro Resources Candidate

Professional acknowledgement from the staff for any position they thought I was eligible for not just the one I’m in now. They don’t stop at one job opportunity.

Pro Resources Candidate

I had an overall good experience with Pro Resources! They were professional and kind during my experience with them!

Pro Resources Candidate

Because you value my work experience all the time.

Pro Resources Candidate

They are friendly people and they help you find a job fast and easy I would tell everyone to go through them.

Pro Resources Candidate

I came, I saw, I got a job the next day

Pro Resources Candidate

I have had no problems with the staff at Pro Resources. Provided my job very fast, I would like to work full time there. I really like the work. Thank you.

Pro Resources Candidate

I found the rep for my assignment to be 100% honest with everything she described to me, as well as the fact she checks up on everyone regularly.

Pro Resources Candidate

Pro Resources has been an integral part of my life and without their services I may still be unemployed. I appreciate the service provided.

Pro Resources Candidate

I got placed into the perfect place the first time, and even got hired in. Pro Resources did everything correctly.

Pro Resources Candidate

I was amazed at how quickly I was placed in a position. I had been with other staffing companies and had gone as long as 3 months without ever getting work. You guys did it in less than one week. I put in my application with you on a Sunday evening and Friday was my first day of work. I appreciate what you do.

Pro Resources Candidate