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4 Signs It’s Time to Leave Your Current Job

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4 Signs It’s Time to Leave Your Current Job

How do you feel about your present job? Is it exciting and challenging? Is it the kind of job that’s going to pave the way for you to advance professionally?

All too often, workers don’t ask themselves those questions. Why? Usually, it’s because they’re comfortable or content where they are. The job pays okay, and they like their co-workers, so they reason, “Why fix it if it isn’t broken?”

But even if it isn’t broken yet, it might not be too long before it is. Contentment can lead you to complacency, which is the world’s biggest success killer. You stay in a job that’s taking you nowhere, and the longer you remain there, the harder it becomes to leave and pursue your dream job.

You don’t have to start searching for another job just because you feel comfortable at this one, but some signs could be warning you to take a hard look at your career goals and your happiness. Here are four red flags that might be telling you it’s time to make your next move:

1.    You’re not moving up

If you want to see your career move forward, but you haven’t seen any advancement in the last three years, you need to look elsewhere. Of course, it’s easier to get that promotion in a smaller company, but even in a large corporation, you should have seen some upward movement in that period.

2.    Too many co-workers are departing

When you witness too many good workers heading for the exits, that’s a clear indication they’re finding better jobs elsewhere. Should you automatically follow them? No, but you should ask them at the going-away party why they’re leaving. Also, take notice if many of those around you are updating their LinkedIn profiles and their resumes, as that could be another warning sign.

3.    You no longer feel challenged

You can’t expect to learn something new every day, but if you haven’t been improving upon your present skills and acquiring new ones, you’re not going to feel challenged and excited. Talk to your company about opportunities for learning or being involved in new projects. If nothing exists, you should find a company where they do.

4.    No one gives you feedback

If your boss doesn’t periodically tell you how you’re doing, it’s going to be difficult to know what it takes to move up in your company. Good managers care about their workers’ career development and show it by giving feedback. If yours doesn’t, it’s probably time to look somewhere else.

Are you ready to make your next move?

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