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How to WOW Your New Employer on Your First Day

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How to WOW Your New Employer on Your First Day

You were hired because someone thought you were a good fit for their company, not because they thought you knew everything about the position. No matter how much experience or training you have, everyone understands it’s going to take time for you to learn the ropes.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t make an impression on your first day. Even though you might be weeks (or months) away from understanding your new job completely, you can still do some things right away to show the company they made the right decision in hiring you.

Get to Know Everyone

Let everyone know you’re not shy. Your success depends on your team, so meet the other team members by introducing yourself, eating with them and asking questions about what they do. Let them know you have a sense of humor; laughter is an excellent ice-breaker. And try to remember names — that’s a sure-fire way to build relationships quickly and make a positive impression.

Show Your Curiosity

It makes a good impression when a new worker arrives on the first day of work with a list of questions. It’s a good indication this employee already knows enough about the position to ask intelligent questions and make thoughtful comments.

Continue to focus your efforts on finding out more about the organization and your specific role in it. Identify the company’s customers, and find out what you’ll be doing to ensure their satisfaction. If you meet these customers, introduce yourself and learn as much as you can about them. Let them know you’re asking so you can give them the best customer service.

Organize Your Work

If you want to build momentum quickly, start by organizing and prioritizing any tasks they give you. Make a to-do list according to the deadlines and importance of each item. Not only will it give direction to your first day, you’ll be showing your manager you can organize your responsibilities to handle multiple assignments.

Show Your Enthusiasm

Want to get off to a good start? Show some energy. Let them know you’re excited to be there. Start your first day with gusto, and they’ll realize you’re committed to the company and your role in it.

Stick Around

No doubt you’ll be glad to see that first day come to an end, but don’t rush out the door at quitting time. Stay a little later. Learn a few more things. Let your new employer know you’re the kind of worker who puts in the extra effort.

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