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Preparing For Your Next Manufacturing Interview? Check Out These 3 Tips!

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Preparing For Your Next Manufacturing Interview? Check Out These 3 Tips!

Have you been called for a manufacturing job interview? Yes? Good for you! Are you prepared for it? No? Well, you’ll need to remedy that. You should never arrive at an interview unprepared, so let’s look at three steps you could be taking right now to ensure you’re the successful candidate.

Any amount of time you put into getting ready for this interview is time well spent. Experienced hiring managers can spot a candidate who isn’t prepared as soon as they step through the doorway. And those individuals lose credibility instantly. Don’t be one of them.

Follow a few simple tips and give yourself the upper hand over those who show up less prepared. Here are three important suggestions:

  1. Do an ample amount of research

Woe to any candidate who asks the interviewer, “So, what do you guys do here?” You better know that and much more about the company to which you’re applying. Otherwise, you’ll likely be eliminated as a serious candidate.

Find out all you can about the job, the company, its industry, and competitors. Look at the company website and then search for news items about them. Think of anything you can learn as ammunition in the fight for the job. The more you know walking into that interview, the more you look like you care and the more significant edge you have over the competition.

  1. Practice, practice, practice

You can’t possibly predict every question an interviewer might ask. But you can anticipate most of them, and practice answering them until you can do it smoothly and almost effortlessly. When you are thoroughly prepared, you will be able to control your nervousness because you won’t freeze up when the questions start coming.

A few other interview techniques you can practice include a firm handshake, eye contact when you answer, being attentive, and looking interested. Practice with friends or family until you’re confident. Then, take that confidence into your interview. You’ll probably ace it!

  1. Gather some stuff and leave the rest at home

There are items you bring to an interview and some you don’t.

Do bring:

  • directions;
  • pen and notepad;
  • ID;
  • copies of your resume;
  • a list of references;
  • a portfolio;
  • work samples; and
  • a list of questions.

Leave at home:

  • chewing gum;
  • a cup of coffee;
  • your cellphone; and
  • your parents (Yes, it’s happened!).

Do you need help getting ready for your interview?

We’re here for you. Contact Pro Resources for assistance or to find the light industrial or technical/professional position you’ve been hoping for. We’ve been in business for over 30 years, so let us use our expertise to help you find your next job.