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4 Habits Every Manager Should Develop

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4 Habits Every Manager Should Develop

To be a good manager, you need to know the business and field in which you are managing. But that’s only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. While being an expert is essential when it comes to solving problems, creating processes and planning projects, there are other traits that, if you have them, transform you from a good manager to an outstanding leader.

Develop these four habits—and add in some of your hard work and knowledge—and you will be leading with both your head and your heart; a combination that will make you a successful leader in your organization.

  1. Good communication skills

Sometimes it’s necessary to give your team directions, while other times you must motivate and inspire them. But no matter the reason, you need excellent communication skills to get your message across. Whether you’re trying to restore someone’s confidence after they have made a mistake or you want to rouse your team into action, you must be able to communicate persuasively and fervently.

  1. Sensitive and supportive

Excellent managers care about the welfare of the people in their company. They show sensitivity and offer support when any of their people are facing a personal or professional challenge. Many of the top managers have developed an instinctive feel for the needs of their team members. They think of themselves as guardians for their employees’ security and success.

Great managers always understand that when they are sensitive and supportive of a worker, they are helping the individual and the organization as a whole.

  1. Optimistic

The top leaders are brimming with optimism, and it always seems to energize those around them. They keep things lively by finding new ways to galvanize the workplace, stimulate the workers and create an environment that makes work feel more like fun. Because of their optimistic approach, these managers are typically leading the most productive departments in the organization.

  1. Confident and determined

Although they avoid being arrogant, the top leaders are poised and exceptionally confident in themselves. Because these leaders are self-assured, others are drawn to them. Their sense of calm during turmoil reassures the entire team and keeps them focused on the bigger picture.

These managers never give up, determined to see every task and project through to completion unless there is an overriding reason to stop. Their self-confidence usually rubs off on team members, and an entire office or department can become imbued with it.

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