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A Checklist for Your First Day at a Temporary Job

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A Checklist for Your First Day at a Temporary Job

The first day of a temporary job provides an opportunity to make a good impression on all those people you could be working with for many years. That’s right. Just because a job starts out as a temporary gig, doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. If you ask intelligent questions, make a good impression on your co-workers, and hit the ground running, you might be able to turn this into your permanent home.

How can you do that? Here are some suggestions for making that first day a complete success.

Find Out What’s Expected of You

If you’re going to have a successful first day, you’ll need to know what your boss is expecting from you. As a temporary worker, you were probably hired to fill a void, so it’s important you get up to speed quickly. Ask what you’ll be doing and which resources will be available to assist you.

Get to Know the People

Depending on the size of the company, you could be meeting a lot of people on that first day. They might be your biggest resource for getting through the day successfully, so focus on what they have to tell you. By showing interest in what your new co-workers think and feel, you will make some important connections—and a good impression!

Don’t Wait Around to Be Introduced

Even though your boss is probably going to introduce you to those in your area, you can take the initiative and greet them yourself. Even if you aren’t the typical extrovert, it isn’t all that painful to stick out your hand and start some relationships. The sooner you do it, the quicker any discomfort will pass, and you’ll be on your way to fitting in.

Learn the Language

Every company and workplace has its unique terms and acronyms. Find out what the lingo means and write it down. Once you become familiar with all that jargon, you’ll feel like you belong there.

Subdue the Urge to Talk About Yourself

Your first day on a temporary job is mostly about listening. While it may be tempting to let the story of your life spill out, it’s better to shift the focus to your co-workers. Learn everything you can about them by listening and asking questions about their backgrounds and accomplishments. They will quickly feel more comfortable around you, and you’ll establish yourself as a good listener and learner.

Make Sure You Know How Your Boss Likes to Communicate

Every manager has a preference for communication. Some prefer workers to stop in and discuss things in person. Others like to communicate via email or Slack. Many like to get a text message on their work phone. Don’t assume this manager is like the one you had previously. Be on the safe side and ask.

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