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Is Your Company Transparent With Candidates?

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Is Your Company Transparent With Candidates?

Candidates have grown savvier and now expect a greater degree of transparency from employers, either those they work for or those they are interviewing with. Consider the level of transparency you are offering to your candidates and where you may need to adjust.


What are you telling candidates about the hiring process? Each candidate should know the exact nature of the job they are applying for, who they will report to and what the salary range is for the position. They should also know what the chances of promotion are and the timeline they should expect. You should also be clear about where the position fits into the organization.

This transparency will help the candidate make a more informed decision when considering an offer. You have the advantage of knowing your new hire will be engaged and improve your retention percentages. The clearer you are about the goals and expectations for the position, the better the chances you have of making an accurate match.


Tell candidates what to expect in the screening process. There’s often a big difference from company to company regarding how comprehensive the background checking process is. There is no reason for the process to be a mystery to the candidate.


Share with the candidate why the position is vacant. If the previous employee was a poor fit, the candidate should know. If it’s a new position because the company is growing, that’s important for the candidate to know as well. Smart candidates will ask you those questions, but if they don’t, volunteer the information.


What do you tell your employees as far as the goals and culture of the company? This information is important for candidates as well, to know your goals are aligned with theirs. Also knowing whether your culture is more traditional or cutting edge will help them to make an informed decision as to whether or not the job is right for them.



Don’t assume you know how transparent your company is perceived to be in the marketplace. Check out review sites, social media and conduct employee surveys to get feedback on your level of transparency.


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Another great way to learn how you are perceived is to partner with a staffing and recruitment agency that knows the local market. They speak to candidates and competing employers every day and can share their insights with you. If you’d like to discuss the local employment market in Indiana or are ready to hire, contact the professionals at Pro Resources.