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Top 5 Skills You Need for a Warehouse Job

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Top 5 Skills You Need for a Warehouse Job

You might be surprised to learn that obtaining a job as a warehouse worker requires a set of skills. The reality is the work can be challenging and the pace can move swiftly at times. So, when hiring managers are looking to fill an open warehouse position, they will be scanning the resumes for specific abilities and experience before they give an applicant serious consideration.

If you want your application to be placed on the top of the pile, here are five skills you should have mastered to get it there:

Forklift operating experience

Employers are specifically interested in candidates with forklift experience. Loading and unloading delivery vehicles are two of the primary duties of a forklift operator. They are also required to move and rearrange stock, sometimes lifting it on to shelving units that are 20 or more feet above the floor. Operators could be transferring potentially hazardous products in an already dangerous environment, which points out the need for a skilled operator.

The ability to lift and work under pressure

While a warehouse job may be open to almost anyone, there is a physical element to this role. Warehouse work can be physically demanding, at times requiring heavy lifting, which means these jobs are typically better suited to those who enjoy or thrive in a hands-on profession and have the energy and fitness levels for it. Warehouse workers are often called upon to work hard under stressful and pressure-filled conditions.

Shipping and receiving experience

Shipping and receiving duties are generally connected to the warehouse environment and require recordkeeping and tracking of inventory levels. Shipping can be comprised of packaging items, weighing packages, printing labels and determining the correct postage. Receiving means checking the bill of lading against the actual goods that are received, inspecting items for damage, and making sure they get to the appropriate departments. These employees work mostly with hand tools but could be using pallet jacks and forklifts.

Communication and computer skills

Warehouse work is for those individuals who are happy working and communicating with others. It’s for anyone who enjoys working in a team environment where everyone pitches in and no one announces “that’s not my job.” Everyone understands they play a vital part in the warehouse, and communication and cooperation make it all come together.

Computer experience is especially helpful in maintaining inventories and entering data. It’s important to keep a careful record of the stock in the warehouse so it can be located quickly.

A history of working safely

The possibility of an accident always looms in an unsafe warehouse. That’s why the ability to work quickly, accurately, and safely are highly desirable skills.

Do you have the skills to qualify for a warehouse job in Indiana?

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