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How to Disconnect and Destress After Work Hours

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How to Disconnect and Destress After Work Hours

Americans think of it as a badge of honor to work long hours each week, take fewer vacation days and be available for job-related emails and phone calls 24/7. And technology makes it all possible since they can carry their workplace in a pocket or purse.

All of this can help you with your career trajectory, but it’s destroying your work-life balance in the process. For many workers, it can seem like an impossibility to disengage from their job after they leave the workplace. With your boss texting you at bedtime and others on your team continuously sending you emails, the lines between work and time off have become completely blurred.

Here are a few tips to help you disconnect yourself from your work and regain control of your time and your sanity:

Organize your work so you can leave at quitting time

It will feel wonderful to check everything off your list before you leave for home. Prioritize your work, and try to accomplish this every day. Almost anyone can make up a list of goals for the day and check off each task as it’s finished. Leave some time in your schedule for unforeseen events, and you should be leaving each day with your slate cleaned.

Plan your week

If you are going to disconnect from your work fully, you need to do some planning. Every Monday, try to plan out your schedule for the upcoming workweek and make sure to include time in the evening to totally disengage and recharge. You should even block off some time during the day to kick back and relax for a few minutes.

Start a ritual for after hours

Do something that relieves the day’s stresses as soon as you get home. Go for a walk or run, and leave your phone behind. Shoot hoops with the kids. Cook a healthy meal. Do anything that puts some distance between you and your work. Make it a ritual, and you’ll unwind at the end of each hectic day.

Don’t Overcommit

Many Americans experience burnout because they never say “No” to extra work. They end up working at home in the evening because they simply have too much on their plate to finish during normal working hours. And while taking on extra assignments might look like a smart career move, it upsets that all-important work-life balance and takes a toll on their health.


Next time you are in a restaurant or at a party, look around the room. Many of the people there will be glued to their cell phones. And some of it will be work-related.

You can’t fully relax and destress until you disconnect. The world won’t crumble if you turn off your phone for a few hours while you’re away from work. But your mind and body will thank you.

Ready to achieve your career goals?

You likely have a list of career goals, so now you should work on personal goals (more time with family, get in shape, learn how to cook) that will provide balance to your life, destress it, and make it healthier and happier. Contact Pro Resources today to find your next career.