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Don’t Let Nerves Get the Better of You In an Interview

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Don’t Let Nerves Get the Better of You In an Interview

Suppose you’ve landed a job interview, congratulations! You probably already know how important it is to prepare, and you’ve likely been busy going through possible questions and answers, and maybe even getting a friend or loved one to conduct a mock interview. But what can be even tougher is getting control of your “interview nerves.” Here are a few tips to keep the butterflies at bay.

Put Everything in Writing

When your mind is spinning with anxiety, having a sense of control can help you keep it together. On your phone or a piece of paper, write down everything you need to know, from your interviewer’s name to the date, time, and building address. Add a shortlist of the main points you want to cover and questions you want to ask. Having a cheat sheet will help you feel more on top of things.

Plan to Treat Yourself

Make plans to do something you really love immediately after your interview. This could be anything from lunch with a friend to watching Netflix in your pajamas. The goal is to give yourself something to look forward to, which can help you power through the interview nerves.

Get a Pep Talk

Shortly before your interview, call the most positive and uplifting person you know. Or talk to yourself. Either way, go through all the reasons why you’re going to nail the interview. You need and deserve to hear the truth: that you’re smart, capable, and qualified.

Take a Walk

Right before you go inside (or sit down at the phone or computer if it’s a virtual interview), take a short walk in the fresh air. This will give you a chance to physically shake off the nerves and clear your head. Be sure to leave enough time to freshen up and drink some water afterward.

Use the Nerves

Anxiety is merely the flip side of excitement, and adrenaline can propel you to do your best. So rather than freezing in the face of nervousness, channel it by reframing it as excitement and allowing the energy burst to help you through your interview.

Fake It Till You Feel It

In an interview, you have an ethical obligation, to be honest about your credentials and job experience. But you don’t get bonus points for letting your interviewer know how you’re feeling inside. Smiling and acting confident can actually help you feel more confident over time, so start from the moment you enter the building. Keep it up long enough, and you might actually start to get rid of your interview nerves.

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