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What Is Gen Z looking for in a Job and Company?

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What Is Gen Z looking for in a Job and Company?

Gen Z, or Post-Millennials, is the generation born in the late 1990s and early 2000s. The oldest members of Gen Z have started entering the workforce, and they have some traits that distinguish them from their older peers. To recruit and retain Gen Z workers, you will need to find ways to connect with them and what they’re looking for in a company. Here’s what you should know.

About Gen Z

Although it’s important to avoid stereotyping, in general, Gen Z is highly diverse, tech-savvy, and interested in building a long-term career. Gen Zers tend to be slow to enter the workforce, but they prefer to explore different jobs within the same company rather than frequently changing employers once they’re there. Due to the high cost of education, many members of Gen Z hope to find a company that will let them learn on the job or through alternative pathways rather than requiring a formal degree. Gen Zers tend to be collaborative and interested in working on cross-departmental teams.

Company Culture

Gen Z wants to make a difference, and members of this generation tend to choose employers that they feel are positively impacting society. Diversity and inclusion are must-haves for most Gen Zers. They look for employers that hire people with diverse backgrounds and skillsets and that take active steps to bring all voices to the table.

Gen Zers are also looking for honesty, transparency, and communication in the workplace. They generally prefer face-to-face feedback, look for mentors, and expect transparency throughout the company. They tend to be loyal, and they want to feel that the company is loyal to them.

Benefits and Perks

While Millennials tend to be experience-driven, Gen Zers are less so. For them, it’s less about gaming and team-building trips and more about the things that make their lives better overall. This includes higher, more stable salaries and excellent health care, as well as work-life balance. Flexible work schedules, telecommuting, and time off are very important to this generation.

These digital natives also expect employers to incorporate the latest technology throughout the workplace, giving them more tools to do their jobs. And since they want to stay long-term, Gen Zers also look for companies that can offer a career track. They’re inquisitive and eager to learn, and they won’t stay long at a dead-end job.

People in Gen Z also want their chance to make the world a better place. They look for companies that give back and provide them with opportunities to volunteer or donate to a wide range of social causes.

In some ways, Gen Z mirrors the Baby Boomers. They’re both idealistic and passionate about helping the world and also practical and financially responsible. To recruit and retain Gen Z workers, provide them with a stable work environment and give them the chance to shine.

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