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Top 5 Ways Job Seekers Find Work, According to 2021 Jobvite Survey

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Top 5 Ways Job Seekers Find Work, According to 2021 Jobvite Survey

The 2021 Jobvite Job Seeker Nation Report reveals some interesting mid-pandemic employment trends and spotlights five top methods to promote open positions. (report highlights)

This year’s survey led Jobvite recruitment experts to conclude that “COVID’s impact on the U.S. labor market caused profound changes in the concerns, challenges, and priorities for workers and job seekers nationwide.”

Given the changing dynamics of the U.S. labor market, Jobvite says employers and recruiters must understand these changes and make adjustments to “meet the demands of varied realities.”

Where Job Seekers Find Opportunities

Currently, the most common methods for finding work opportunities are:

  • Online job boards (60%)
  • Social media like LinkedIn & Facebook (44%)
  • Friends (35%)
  • Employer’s career site (26%)
  • Professional connections (24%)

However, compared to last year, recent job seekers are relying less on job boards (down 12%), finding a job through friends (down 10%), or professional connections (down 7%). Instead, there is a very slight increase (up 2%) in using social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook to search for jobs.

Additionally, 26% of those surveyed said they went directly to an employer’s website career page to find work. With no comparative information from 2020, it is unclear whether this reflects an upward or downward trend.

Submitting the Application

Once people find potential jobs, how do they apply? The 2021 survey indicates application methods can vary by group. For instance, city workers apply via job boards more than rural workers (29% vs. 19%). College-educated workers use an employer’s career site more than non-college educated workers (28% vs. 20%). Of those surveyed, 14% submitted applications through social sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Craig’s List.

How Recruiters Can Adapt

You want as many qualified workers as possible to view your job opening. So, if you require a candidate with a college degree, listing the job on your company’s career page likely will be part of your strategy. In addition, posting the position on Facebook and LinkedIn can help draw candidates to your website.

An internal referral program encourages your current employees to spread the word about openings within your organization. Jobvite found that 71% of workers are likely to share information about openings at their company on social media. In addition, 82% of workers are likely to click on a job opportunity posted by someone in their social network. Overall, Jobvite found participation in company referral programs is up significantly.

And don’t overlook your current staff. While many companies foster growth from within, nearly 30% of workers say their employer doesn’t have a system in place for them to easily apply for open positions.

Change With the Times

Recruitment strategies shift regularly with industry changes. Aligning your approach to job posting with the latest job search trends can help you find the right candidate sooner.

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