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4 Steps to Turn Your Temp Job into a Permanent Position

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4 Steps to Turn Your Temp Job into a Permanent Position

Temp, consultant, freelancer, contingent, and contract worker. These are all terms describing people hired by an employer for a short period of time, typically from a few to several months. In some cases, the short-term staff member may be hired permanently at the end of their contract if the quality of their work meets expectations.

Why Temporary Work?

The pandemic continues to change what work looks like. According to a February 2021 article in BusinessWire, “in the past year, 52% of companies have increased their use of temporary workers and cited the need to scale their workforce as the top reason.”

Temporary workers can help an employer adapt to seasonal changes in workflow, reduce staffing costs, or “try out” a worker without commitment.

People may take temporary assignments to experience different types of work, gain new skills or get their foot in the door of a desirable organization.

Making a Temp Job Permanent

There are steps you can take to increase the likelihood of a temporary position becoming permanent.

  1. At your initial interview, find out if permanent employment is an option. During your work term, discuss your future with the company with your manager or HR. You can always repeat your request during your exit interview, but don’t wait until your final days to express your interest.
  2. Have the right attitude and perform as if every day is a “working interview.” Your co-workers may worry that a temporary worker won’t be dedicated. Prove them wrong. Show up on time and do your best work.

Be friendly, and always be professional. This includes observing the company’s dress code, particularly if you work on-site, but also when participating in video meetings.

Says Top Resume, “If you act like you’re leaving soon and don’t give it your best, the floor manager will assume this is your typical work ethic and give the recommendation to someone else.”

  1. Take time to learn more about the company and get to know your team. Co-workers who can endorse your skills and abilities may help turn a temp-to-perm decision in your favor.
  2. Provide value by going the extra mile. Come in early and stay late. Offer to assist others or cover when they are sick.

“Be on the lookout for ways to go above and beyond,” recommends The Balance Careers. “If you finish a task ahead of time, ask if there is something else you can do (or … come up with a task that you know would be useful, and offer to do it). Before leaving for the day, ask your boss if they have everything they need for the day. These little things will demonstrate your value as an employee.”

Job Search Assistance

For additional help with your temp-to-perm job search, contact the placement experts at Pro Resources Staffing Services.