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Four Ways to Motivate Your Staff in the New Year

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Four Ways to Motivate Your Staff in the New Year

The prospect of facing yet another year working amidst the ongoing pandemic may cause managers deep frustration. If your team dragged through the final weeks of 2021, you could be facing a motivational challenge.

A motivated team is resilient and has a positive attitude, tackling new projects with energy. So how do you get your team motivated for the new year – especially if you continue to work remotely?

A Little Thanks Goes a Long Way

First off, have you thanked your staff lately?

“Saying ‘thank you is a specific and tangible way of letting your staff know that you know how much effort was put into the work being done and that you recognize the value of that effort,” said life coach Erica B. McCurdy in an article for Monster. “Employees who believe their work has value tend to take pride in what they are doing. They tend to want to contribute more, and the quality of their work is improved.”

Many experts recommend finding little ways to regularly recognize your staff’s efforts. Maybe you bring in a monthly office breakfast (not attached to a meeting). If you’re still working remotely, have lunch together via video. Just make sure the table talk is social, not work-related.

“Think of ways to have fun at work,” says Chron. “Employees will stay motivated if you keep things interesting and entertaining.”

And the positive energy will likely roll on into their next project.

Share the Overall Picture

Employees need to know “why.” What’s the overall goal of the project? Communicating goals with your staff – sharing the overall picture – gives them a sense of ownership and the pride of accomplishment when those goals are reached.

This may be especially important for remote workers, who are less likely to be “in” on objectives, project updates, and performance records. “Keeping remote employees informed and in the loop reminds them not only that they’re part of a larger organization, but also that the organization has a vested interest in their relationship…resulting in a more engaged employee,” says Bonusly.

Plan for the New Year Together

Start the New Year by setting team resolutions in line with your company and department goals. Consider sprinkling in some “stretch goals” – small goals that slightly challenge your staff but keep the project moving forward toward your major objective.

Create a team Vision Board. “The new year is a great time to refocus, and people are generally hopeful for what is to come,” Wesner Pierre told Forbes. “You can seize that feeling and transfer it to the workplace…. You want a team that is goal-driven. A little creativity goes a long way.”

Work on Something New

It seems counterintuitive, but switching gears to start on a new project might be the welcome break your team needs to restore their energy. Afterward, they can return to the previous project with clear minds and a fresh perspective.

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