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How to Make Repetitive Work More Interesting

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How to Make Repetitive Work More Interesting

Many people perform repetitive tasks as part of their job. For some people, however, especially those working in manufacturing, doing repetitive work IS their job.

While there are those who are comfortable with the predictability and rhythm of doing the same thing over and over, others find jobs with repetitive tasks boring.

If a paycheck isn’t enough motivation to work through a mundane job, try some of these tips for making repetitive work more interesting.

How Can You Make Repetitive Work More Interesting

Reward Yourself for Goals Achieved

Break up your task or your day with a series of mini-goals. When you reach a goal, reward yourself with something you enjoy, like a quick walk or a small snack. Associating completion of a monotonous task with something pleasurable can ease the tedium of repetitive work.

Face-Off with a Friend

Arrange with a friend to make yourselves accountable to each other for your work.

“Some friends set up disciplinary actions whenever they can’t beat deadlines,” says Vida Aventura. “If you don’t complete your tasks, for instance, you may be obliged to buy coffee for your friend (and vice versa).”

Change the Order

Many people tackle the same job the same way every time. Instead, challenge yourself by changing the order in which you accomplish a task. If your job involves data entry, for example, try starting at the bottom of the list.

“By modifying the order of tasks, you can make repetitive tasks more interesting,” notes Chron.

Create a Soundtrack

Listening to music you like is a great way to help reduce boredom when completing repetitive tasks in the workplace, notes Spark Hire. Try creating a playlist with songs that match the pace of your work. And while upbeat music can help pass the time, listening to a podcast or audio book is an option, too.

You might even try learning another language or listening to a tutorial on a topic that can help you move into a more challenging line of work.

Move It

“After accomplishing a set number of tasks, do a quick walk-in-place or a few pumps of hand-weights,” suggests Organize 4 Results. While you might get some odd looks, “a little exercise can go a long way toward increasing productivity.”

When it’s time for a break, move and stretch. Take a walk. Meditate, try a deep breathing exercise or slow yoga routine.

Moving around will help improve your focus and re-energize you to finish the task.

Have Something to Look Forward To

If you just need to get through the day, make sure you have something enjoyable to look forward to when your shift ends. That could mean cooking a great meal with your family, settling down with a good book, enjoying a bike ride or playing an online video game.

Look for Something New

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