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How to Ace Your Final Job Interview

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How to Ace Your Final Job Interview

You’ve made it through the hiring process to the final interview. You can congratulate yourself on conducting yourself well through the screening interview and initial interview (or series of previous interviews). But don’t think you can relax: There is still work to do.

Ready to Ace Your Final Interview?

How is the Final Interview Different from Previous Interviews?

Through the screening interview, the recruiter determined that you had the basic skills and background to qualify for the position. Later interviews dug deeper into your work history, goals, and abilities.

Now, the hiring manager is looking to trim choices to a minimum number of candidates. This forces them to be at their most critical as they decide who is the best fit for the role. They may accomplish this in several ways.

If you haven’t yet taken a skills assessment test, or completed a sample work project, they may ask you to do so now.

Don’t be surprised if you are scheduled to meet the CEO or several members of upper management. You also may meet or interview with potential team members.

Expect the final interview to run longer than the others. After all, there’s a lot on the line – for both of you.

How to Prepare for a Final Interview

The final interview is your last chance to make the best possible impression, to reinforce your interest in the position, and underscore your unique qualifications. Be prepared for anything and everything! Pay particular attention to:

Your Knowledge of the Company

You probably researched this company before your first interview, but it’s likely that some time has passed since then. Update your company knowledge by checking for any new articles, posts, promotions or other media attention. This information could be useful during your interview or could prompt additional questions for you to ask.

However, make sure your questions are relevant, meaningful, and reflect your interest in the company and position. “Now is not the time to ask the hiring manager basic questions about the company’s long-term goals,” reminds The Balance Careers. “You should already have asked that question during an earlier stage of the interview process.”

Your Interview Preparedness

Conversely, write down any questions you have about the company that you couldn’t find in your research and weren’t addressed in previous interviews.

In addition, review your notes from past interviews. Are there questions from previous interviews you could have answered better? Be ready with your new improved answers.

“You should expect broader, higher-level questions about your career history, your interests, what motivates you, and why you are interested in this particular job and company,” notes Career Sidekick. At the same time, you may be interviewing with people within the organization who weren’t involved in past interviews. Review common interview questions and answers, just in case.

Sweating the Details

It’s always a good idea to bring extra copies of your resume, as well as a list of references who are prepared to receive a call and say wonderful things about you.

“At this point,” says Indeed, “you need to demonstrate that you’ve thoughtfully considered what it would really be like to work in this job and at this company.” Review the job description and prepare insightful questions that will help you understand what to expect in your first days and months on the job.

What to Remember During the Interview

Continue to be at your most professional during your final interview. Dress appropriately and greet everyone with friendliness and respect. You’ve come this far, but you don’t have the job yet. Be confident but not boastful.

“Focus on building rapport,” recommends Hired. “In the final round, your interviewers are likely to be strongly considering how it would be to work with you. So, while your skills and qualifications are important, the decision may come down to personality fit.”

You’ve Got This!

Reaching the final interview stage can be exciting and nerve-wracking. However, confidence and preparation give you the best chance of a positive outcome.

If you could use some help getting to the final interview stage, contact the placement professionals at Pro Resources Staffing Services.