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6 Reasons Why Third Shift Might be Right for You

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6 Reasons Why Third Shift Might be Right for You

If you’re having trouble finding work, you’ve likely considered some out-of-the-box approaches to getting noticed. You can network on social media, submit a video resume, even cold-called the company’s recruiter. But have you considered taking a different shift?

In some cases, it may be easier to break into a career if you are open to working non-traditional hours.

Is 3rd Shift Right For You?

What is Shift Work?

For various reasons, places like hospitals, nursing homes, manufacturing, law enforcement, information systems, hotels and many other businesses operate around the clock. They break the 24-hour workday into shifts, so their facility is always adequately staffed.

“First shift” is the traditional morning-to-evening workday. Second shift workers typically arrive for work as their first shift co-workers are leaving for the afternoon, although there may be some overlap. Third shift workers pick up where second shift leaves off – on the “midnight shift.”

These hours are not hard and fast. Some work shifts might consist of two 12-hour workdays. Other shifts may involve staff overlaps during peak hours. But at least some part of the staff works overnight, non-traditional hours.

How Does This Help You?

Humans are hard-wired to be awake during the day and asleep during the night. Much of our society operates on this structure. Stores, restaurants, doctor’s offices and most businesses and services are primarily open during the day.

Many people don’t want this schedule to deviate. But for people who are natural “night owls” – or who are willing to make schedule adjustments — shift work offers several advantages.

Benefits of Working Third Shift

Fewer Job Applicants

Third shift isn’t for everyone, so businesses often have a harder time filling second and third shift positions. If you can adjust your schedule and work nights, “this presents the opportunity to get in with a company and prove value in a less desired time slot,” says Air-Way Global Manufacturing.

Financial Advantages

To help make a third shift job more appealing, the pay scale may be higher than for first or second shift. “There are a lot of employers both willing to pay more but also to offer better incentives, perks, and benefit to find enough 3rd shift workers,” notes People Plus Inc.

Third shift also can be an option for working couples. Working alternate shifts can enable parents to care for their children without the need for day care, making a significant difference in a family’s budget.

Daytime Availability

Night shift workers are available for at least part of the day (when they aren’t sleeping.) This means they may more easily be able to manage errands, grocery shopping, doctor visits or plumbing repairs during the day, without having to take time off from work, says The Other Shift.

Fewer Meetings and Distractions

“Workplace meetings are more likely to occur during the day,” notes Indeed. “Third shift workers can often receive the notes from these meetings without having to take time out of their days to attend.”

Staffing is typically lower at night, so you’ll likely experience less micromanagement and work-related distractions. You can focus on doing your job, with fewer supervisors watching over your shoulder.

Easier Commute

Night workers start their work “day” about the same time daytime workers are heading to bed. In the morning, when everyone else is stuck in bumper-to-bumper rush hour traffic, third shift workers zip along in the less congested outbound lanes on their way home.

Opportunities to Stand Out

According to Monster, some people prefer night shift work because it allows them more independence within their job roles. “At night, there may be fewer people working with you. This allows you to make more decisions and show your leadership skills.”

Ready to Try the Night Shift?

If third shift sounds like it might offer new job opportunities for you, contact the placement experts at Pro Resources Staffing Services today.