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5 Good Reasons to Hire an Inexperienced Worker

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5 Good Reasons to Hire an Inexperienced Worker

Recruiters face many difficult hiring decisions.

For instance, what happens when you need to choose between two great candidates? One has lots of experience, the other has great soft skills but no experience in your field. Do you hire a high-salary experienced worker? Or do you take a chance on an inexperienced candidate whose salary requirements better fit your budget?

Many recruiters would automatically hire the person most familiar with the job. However, there are several good reasons to hire the less experienced candidate. Let’s look at a few.

Why Should You Hire an Inexperienced Worker?

You Can Train Them Up

Fresh recruits in your industry are moldable. Someone with lots of experience doing similar work might have a set method for completing those tasks. If your company does things differently, they may have trouble adapting.

On the other hand, says CV Library, “if you choose to bring on board an employee who hasn’t already developed their own habits and processes yet, it’s often easier for them to adapt to a new company culture and your preferred way of completing tasks.”

They’re Excited to Learn

When you take a chance on a newbie, you generally hire an excited worker who is ready to learn. They are thankful for the opportunity and want to absorb all they can about the job and the industry. They’re also motivated to work hard. They want to impress you and reassure you that you made the right choice in hiring them.

Plus, their enthusiasm can be infectious, notes LinkedIn. “When employing someone who shows a real passion for their role, you’ll encourage other members of staff to act and feel the same, which in turn can do wonders for your company’s productivity.”

They Bring a Fresh Perspective

With eagerness comes curiosity. A newcomer may have many questions, but they can also bring a fresh perspective.

“Candidates who have been in the industry for years sometimes tend to be the least creative, especially if you’re looking for someone who can rethink and improve upon an idea or a function,” says Sprockets.

The questions raised by an inexperienced newcomer to a role may inspire you to examine why you do things a certain way. And occasional re-assessments are important to an industry’s growth.

They Are a Bargain

Glassdoor notes that an inexperienced worker likely will accept a lower salary. In return, they’ll gain the on-the-job training they need to reach their goals. Everyone wins!

Stretches Your Managing Skills

Hiring someone with less experience could be an advantage for you as a manager, too, says Forbes. “You have to train your newcomer differently. You have to ask and answer questions you may not have considered for years — or ever.”

In some jobs – brain surgery, for instance – experience is crucial. However, if all a candidate needs is a little knowledge and training, hiring them might just pay off in the long run.

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