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“Pro Resources is a delight to work with.  We are able to count on them to provide us with applicants to fit our unique skill sets.” 


Three things that I’ve found with PRO that makes me happy: 

Their communication. 

Passion for what they do. 

A desire to do better. 


“Pro Resources is always willing to adjust to our needs and stays in constant contact to see how the employee is doing and if we need additional help.” 

Empire Refractory

Pro Resources is an extremely supportive and reliable staffing agency. They truly care about filling our positions and finding the best fit candidate for the job. Their timely feedback and frequent check-ins with our HR team are much appreciated. No matter the candidate we need – we know we can count on Pro Resources! 


“Pro Resources is always quick to respond and help us fill our needs!” 

National Cold Storage Facility

Pro Resources cares about your needs and does their best to find candidates that fit your needs. Always friendly and professional. Thank you! 


Pro Resources have very friendly, knowledgeable Staffing Associates who really try to recruit the specific needs an employer is looking for.  Pro Resources has always been very helpful and prompt when I call in with questions or present a new opening that we are in need of filling.

Global Specialty Manufacturer

Very professional. Prompt, friendly service. Many of the employees they provide for us, we have hired on permanently.

Pro Resources Client

The ProResources staff are able to handle a variety of temp issues in a timely manner and very professionally. They are very responsive to our staffing needs. The staff is a pleasure to deal with — very courteous, friendly and professional.

Pro Resources Client

SAFETY! SAFETY! SAFETY! As the safety tech for my facility making sure we have temp’s with a safety mindset is of the utmost importance. Pro Resources has always sent us temps that think safety before all else!

Pro Resources Client