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5 Ways to Stand Out as a Leader in Your Workplace

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5 Ways to Stand Out as a Leader in Your Workplace

If going through the motions is not nearly enough for you, you might just have the personal qualities that will get you noticed when your manager is searching for someone to lead an important project or take on a managerial role.

Here are five personal qualities that will characterize you as a leader. If you don’t have all of them right now, work on developing them.

1.     You Get Things Done Quickly

When your boss asks you to do something, you assume they need it now, and you attack the task with a sense of urgency. The word “procrastinate” is not in your vocabulary, so your work never backs up. You know how to prioritize, and you ask for help when you need it. This is the same person who is often described as cooperative and reliable.

2.     You Display Integrity

If you’re distracted by a smartphone and the internet during working hours, you’re not being honest with your time or showing commitment to your company. In other words, you’re displaying a lack of integrity. Along with loyalty, integrity is an important trait that managers insist on in their future leaders.

3.     You Are Confident

Leaders can stand by their opinions and suggestions. And they are willing to defend them thoughtfully and respectfully. Managers value confidence. It shows them you are capable of leading. Just keep in mind that confidence is not arrogance. Truly confident leaders do not make arbitrary decisions, and they can defend their decisions while remaining receptive to critique.

4.     You Love to Learn

Another essential leadership quality is a thirst for knowledge. Managers love an employee who takes the time to learn new skills that could benefit the company. They know, as their company grows, the employee who has a large capacity for learning will be able to grow with it and handle the increasing demands of the growing company while continuously moving up the ladder.

5.     You Show Empathy

Many workers have skills, but you can’t always find those skills paired with empathy. Studies have shown that the most effective leaders aren’t always the smartest, the most charismatic, or have the best degrees, but they are the ones with the most empathy. Managers often put a premium on workers who show empathy and have made it a core value.

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