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Trying to Maintain a Positive Attitude While Stuck in a Job You Don’t Like? Try These 3 Tips!

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Trying to Maintain a Positive Attitude While Stuck in a Job You Don’t Like? Try These 3 Tips!

A Gallup study from 2017 indicates that half of the workers in the U.S. are not engaged in their jobs, while another 20 percent are actively disengaged. That translates into a shocking 70 million Americans who don’t enjoy what they do!

With those kinds of numbers, there is a good chance you might be one of those workers who are not thrilled to get up each morning and head to work. So, if someone were to tell you there is an alternative to being miserable at your job, without rushing off to another one, would you believe them?

There are some advantages to sticking it out in a job you don’t enjoy and making the best of it. Before you fire off your resume in hopes of finding happiness somewhere else, think about these three benefits of staying put—at least for now.

1.       You’ll learn things about yourself.

When you’re unhappy on the job, it’s hard to think of the positives in your situation. But think about this: There are going to be times when you’re stuck in something with no way out. Your only option is to make the best of it.

Without a way to escape, you’ll have to learn to find the positives. By working through a job you thought you hated, you’ll discover what you’re made of. Who knows? You might find enough positives and meaning at your current position that you’ll start to tolerate it—maybe even learn to like it.

Running away to another job works better after you’ve discovered what you want to be doing and who you are. And you learn some of that that by finding positives in work you don’t like.

2.       You’ll get to practice choosing your focus.

When you continuously think about how much you don’t want to do your job, that becomes the focus of your work life. It also forms your attitude. You begin to fixate on all the negatives around you, and it can erode your self-confidence.

You’re getting an opportunity to choose how you identify your circumstances. You get to decide what matters to you, instead of just resisting what doesn’t. Take the time to think about all the beautiful things in your life and focus on being grateful.

3.       You’ll have an opportunity to engage and do great work

As you resist against a job you don’t love, you keep it at arm’s length, never actually investing yourself into it. You prevent yourself from doing the great work you’re capable of contributing. And since you’re spending over half your waking hours going through the motions, it can encroach on your personal life.

Wonderful things can happen when you become engaged at work instead of struggling against it. Think about all the changes you might make if you threw yourself into your work with enthusiasm. You could transform it into a job you love!

Is it time to move on?

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