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How to Showcase On-the-Job Skills During Your Interview

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How to Showcase On-the-Job Skills During Your Interview

Your personal brand represents your individual talents and gives you a unique position in a world that has become brand-driven. If you don’t have a brand, there’s a good chance you’ll go unnoticed. And that’s what you don’t want if you’re a job seeker.

A strong personal brand can be your greatest ally in the job search process. Dan Schawbel – a.k.a. the ‘personal branding guru’ – stresses the importance having your own brand. “The best way to get a job is to build a strong, appealing brand that attracts new opportunities. You have to think of yourself as a company, and it’s much easier to close inbound leads (recruiters e-mailing you) then cold calling (you e-mailing recruiters),” says Schawbel.

Most job hunters are covering job boards with resumes and then sitting back and hoping they get a call. Instead, it’s more effective to create a persuasive online presence that allows recruiters to find you and want to talk to you.

Be prepared to show the hiring manager what you’ve got.

If you have developed a personal brand, then you are aware of your skills and talents. You also know what you’re passionate about and how you differ from the typical candidate. You can imagine what a huge advantage that gives you during an interview.

You might think being qualified should be enough, but in today’s world, it isn’t. Schwabel explains:  “By aggressively preparing for the interview, using your personality, being professional, dressing the part, showing positive body language and following up immediately after the interview, you set yourself up as a top candidate.”

While establishing a personal brand is time-consuming and takes some thought, it is well worth it to be able to enter a recruiter’s office knowing yourself and where you want to go. It will also make it possible to connect both intelligently and enthusiastically.

Your first impression could be a lasting impression.

You’ve likely heard it many times: You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. This old saying is especially true in a job interview, so it’s important that the interviewer quickly recognizes you as the perfect candidate. With your own brand, you can easily align yourself with the open position and the company that is interviewing you.

Personal branding is the best way to showcase your skills and communicate all your unique talents. It’s an opportunity to show you are genuine, distinct and remarkable!

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