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Boost Your Confidence at Work With These 6 Tips

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Boost Your Confidence at Work With These 6 Tips

Some people seem to think that confidence is something you were born with and you either have it, or you don’t. But that can’t be true. Confidence is not immutable. Depending on the environment in which you grew up, you may have developed a good supply of it or it may have been reduced to a morsel.

Even if you have been imbued with confidence, it can be depleted after you have grown up and entered the often unkind world of business. Criticism and mistakes all tend to erode it, while praise and accomplishments help make it grow.  Knowing all this should make you realize one important fact: If your confidence level is at least partially dependent on outside variables, you should be able to control some of these and give your confidence a boost.

Here are six habits that could send your confidence soaring.

  1. Tell Others About Your Successes

No one is suggesting you become a braggart. But it is acceptable to let others know when you accomplish something for the organization. If you occasionally and matter-of-factly point out your successes, you will start to gain confidence.

  1. Say What Is on Your Mind

If you are one of those who doesn’t speak up during meetings, it could be because you lack confidence. But what you’re thinking could be important to the discussion, and when you share your views, you are growing your confidence at the same time. The more you contribute, the easier it gets – and the more confidence you will gain.

  1. Use Personal Attacks From Others to Your Advantage

When others attack you, they are hoping to diminish you and make you lose confidence. Don’t give them what they want. Instead, forget about being angry and see how you can change things and become better. Accept the attack as feedback, and use it to improve and grow your confidence.

  1. Gain Knowledge

You can build a great deal of confidence by learning more. And you don’t need to enroll at your local community college to accomplish that. Keep up with current events, read more books, watch TED talks, listen to podcasts and attend seminars. Being able to participate in discussions and informal conversations will do wonders for your confidence and make you a more valuable commodity on the job.

  1. Hang Out With People Who Help Your Confidence

If you’re hanging around with people who criticize you or put you down, it’s time for you to move on from these confidence-killers. Find friends who are encouraging and focus on your positive traits. Associating with the right kind of people is sure to build your confidence over time.

  1. Look Energetic and Happy

Moving around your workplace with energy and a smile is contagious. When others see you acting this way, it reflects in the way they treat you. All of which adds up to a confidence-building experience for you!

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