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How to Attract Candidates Who Aren’t Looking for a New Job

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How to Attract Candidates Who Aren’t Looking for a New Job

They are officially called passive candidates. They are the ones who have a job, are not actively looking for another one, and are typically very selective about their options. There are reportedly more than 332 million LinkedIn users around the world, and about three-quarters of them are passive candidates.

But just because you can identify millions of candidates doesn’t mean you can hire them. Hiring people who are not actively looking to change jobs takes a different approach. First, you must find them, since they aren’t looking for you. They will also be harder to engage, and you will probably need to be more patient and persistent than you would with an active candidate.

On the plus side, they won’t likely be interviewing with other companies, so you won’t have all that competition for their services. And they will be desirable candidates with the skills and experience that will make them excellent additions to your team.

Here are some tips to consider if you want to entice a passive candidate to become active:

Passive candidates are passive searchers

Passive candidates may not be sending out their resumes, but they are keeping them up to date on LinkedIn. They are regularly checking their emails for employment opportunities coming from LinkedIn and likely receiving alerts from job boards and companies where they would like to work.

A passive candidate has a different mindset than an active one. They already have a job, so hiring them demands different methods. All those strategies you’ve been using for active candidates probably won’t work the same for passive candidates.

How do you access passive candidates?

Traditional recruiting methods are ineffective with passive candidates. There are such a wide variety of things that could attract them—more benefits, flexible hours, improved work environment, bonuses, a better boss, etc. You need to find their hot button and press it!

Success in luring passive candidates comes from research. Once you know what they might be looking for, you can reach out to them. Find out where they work. Maybe there is some recent news at their company—layoffs, losing a big contract, or relocation—that you could use to get their attention. Look at the pay and benefits their current employer is offering. Does it appear that there is room for growth there? Armed with this information, you can contact this person and have a discussion.

Other ways to attract passive job seekers

  • Visibility: If potential candidates are aware of your company and what it does, you have a better shot at luring them to an interview. Make yourself visible through PR activities and any events that show off your brand. Once they know you, they will be more likely to check out your job openings.
  • Involve your team members: Start a referral program to get your employees to be your
  • Change your job postings: Replace the boring postings with something that will catch the attention of someone who is not actively looking to change jobs.

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