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The Benefits of Finding a Job Close to Home

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The Benefits of Finding a Job Close to Home

Depending on where you live, traffic jams are part of your daily commute. America’s roads are getting busier every year, and there is no reason to hope that will ease up in the future. Many workers are caught up in a problem: Their high-paying job is 30 miles away—sometimes even farther—and moving closer to work is not an option for any number of reasons.

As a result, many of these disgruntled commuters are looking to find work closer to home. It’s a difficult decision, especially if you’re giving up a job you enjoy or one at which you’re earning a high salary that can’t be duplicated closer to home.

The best way to tackle this problem (or any problem, for that matter) is to write down the pros and cons of staying at your current job and enduring the commute or finding work nearer to your home. Here are a few things to consider:

You will have more time in your personal life

If you work one hour from home, and you cut your commute down to 15 minutes, you will free up approximately 375 hours each year. Not only will you have spare time you could put to good use, but you will decrease your daily stress level significantly. Even if you aren’t inclined to use your extra time in productive pursuits, think about the boost those additional hours could give to your social life!

You’ll have more energy

Driving long distances is exhausting for most people. That might seem counter intuitive. After all, you’re just sitting there allowing your car to take you to your job, right?

Well, not exactly. Whether it’s miles and miles of empty highway or congested roads with other drivers, traffic lights and school zones, you are always aware of your surroundings and having to react to what you see and hear.

Add to that the monotony of the same route every day, and it’s easy to see why a lengthy commute can drain you of the energy you need at work and for your responsibilities at home.

You’ll be saving money

Rising gas prices and increasing fees on toll roads are just the tips of the commuting iceberg. Think about the wear and tear on your vehicle, which includes the frequency of routine maintenance and tire replacement. And if you are racking up 20,000 or more miles each year just on driving back and forth to work, you’ll be shopping for a new set of wheels—at an average price of more than $36,000—a lot more often.

If you live in a metropolitan area, you could have access to public transportation (a cheaper and less stressful alternative to driving) or you might be able to ride your bicycle or walk to work.

Have you had enough of commuting and want to find a job closer to home?

We can help you. Contact Pro Resources for the light industrial or technical/professional position you’re hoping to find. We’ve been in business for over 30 years, so let us use our expertise to help you find your next job.