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The Spooky Side of Working With a Bad Manager

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The Spooky Side of Working With a Bad Manager

There aren’t a lot of bad bosses in today’s workplaces, but if you have the misfortune to work for one, no one needs to tell you it can be a miserable experience. These managers can cause a host of problems that hurt morale and productivity.

Here are some of the symptoms of a seriously flawed manager. Understanding why their actions are detrimental to you and your employer can help you make decisions for your future. Look for these signs:

Elevated Stress Levels

Working for a bad manager often causes physical and emotional symptoms, which make it hard for you and your co-workers to perform well. The work itself can be stressful, but when you add the effects of a bad boss, you can start to feel overwhelmed. You may lose your confidence and become depressed or irritable. Trying to please your difficult manager can cause an emotional paralysis that keeps you from making decisions, all of which result in a drop in productivity.

Stress from working under these conditions can manifest in physical symptoms including gastrointestinal problems, trouble sleeping, headaches and fatigue. In many cases, departments with unfit supervisors see a marked increase in the absentee rate.

Increased Turnover

One of the signs of a bad boss is a department with a high turnover rate. And it’s hard to have a productive workplace when there is a revolving door of good talent leaving and new, untrained workers arriving.

High turnover is expensive and increases the costs of recruitment, advertising and training. In some cases, no one is trained to do the departing employee’s job. The drop in productivity that results from losing a key employee can be devastating.

Poor Hiring Decisions

Rather than focusing on the needs of the department and hiring the most talented workers, they end up choosing individuals with weaker skill sets and less training. To satisfy their emotional needs, they employ substandard workers and deprive the organization of talented, productive workers.

Lower Morale

Bad managers can make it all but impossible for employees to keep a high level of energy or to maintain enthusiasm for their jobs.  Workers who never receive praise or recognition feel unappreciated and often leave to work for a competitor. When nothing seems to satisfy the manager, workers can end up becoming emotionally distant. Some may even sabotage the company or display passive-aggressive behaviors!

Are you looking to escape from a bad manager?

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