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Following Up After an Interview…Yeah, It’s THAT Important!

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Following Up After an Interview…Yeah, It’s THAT Important!

You did all the right things preparing for your big job interview: You researched the company, you rehearsed answers to the most common questions, and you prepared some questions for the interviewer.

Everything went well during the interview, and you’re relieved and excited, knowing you’ve positioned yourself for a job offer. Now it’s just a matter of sitting back and waiting for the call, right?

Not so fast! Some of the most critical aspects of getting an offer happen after a job interview. It’s essential to follow up with the hiring manager. In fact, failing to do so could negate all the hard work and preparation you put into the actual interview.

A thank-you letter, email or call is much more than just being polite. Here some things to consider:

It’s one more opportunity to sell yourself

While you’re communicating your appreciation, you also have a chance to help your cause:

  • Remind the hiring manager of your qualifications
  • Show your enthusiasm for the position
  • Bring up any relevant details you missed during the interview

Ask for a business card from your interviewer, so you have all of the contact information. If that isn’t possible, the information is likely on LinkedIn. And remember, you should follow up whether the interview was in person or over the phone. This is a chance to reinforce your candidacy for the open job. Don’t miss it!

Here are a few guidelines:

  • Don’t hesitate:

    Send your note within 24 hours of the interview.

  • Email is acceptable:

    It’s the fastest way to send a thank-you note.

  • Don’t forget anyone:

    Send everyone who interviewed you a message of thanks.

  • Remind the interviewer why you’re the right choice:

    Reiterate all your skills that match the requirements of the job.

  • Show your excitement:

    Enthusiasm is one of those soft skills that every hiring manager is looking for.

  • Proofread your message:

    Typos and grammatical errors can ruin your chances. Be especially careful about spelling everyone’s names correctly.

  • Correct any interview mistakes:

    If you wish you had said something differently during the interview, now is your opportunity to correct or clarify it.

  • Think about sending a handwritten note:

    Taking the time to write a letter to your interviewer says a lot about how much you care. Just make sure you write neatly.

  • A phone call is also useful:

    Calling to say thank you indicates you have strong communication skills. And it’s an excellent way to share your qualifications once more.

Do you need more help getting through the hiring process?

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