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Unique Benefits Your Employees Are Looking For

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Unique Benefits Your Employees Are Looking For

Most employers want to make their workers happy. First of all, it’s the decent thing to do, and it makes good sense from a business perspective. Employee happiness is critical to your company’s overall success since satisfied workers are productive, loyal, and motivated. That’s why smart organizations are offering unique incentives to get their people excited.

Competitive salary and benefits are significant but don’t have a long-lasting motivational effect. Here are some rewards that don’t have a substantial financial impact but will get employees excited and help you to retain them:

Adequate time off

Hardworking employees need time to have fun and relax. In addition to the standard two or three weeks of vacation, some companies have begun giving workers a day off for their birthday, extra time off around the end-of-year holidays, and a switch to four-day weeks, with Fridays off, during the summer months.

Gym memberships

Lots of companies have begun encouraging their employees to adopt healthy habits in and out of work. To help their workers develop a fitness routine, these companies are now offering gym memberships or annual stipends to pay for them. The allowances are especially appreciated since they give the workers the opportunity to join the health club of their choice.

Continuing education

Paying for higher education is a valuable benefit to any employee, but not many companies have the resources to provide it as Starbucks does. The coffee company offers an online bachelor’s degree program for any employee who works 20 or more hours per week. But even small companies can provide some help for employees who are ambitious enough to seek additional training and education on their own.

Flexible work hours

Parents with small and school-age children will appreciate an employer that allows them to work around getting their kids to a babysitter or on the school bus. Some companies are even allowing parents to take time off to attend their children’s events and activities. Focusing on workers’ families, which could include perks like paid parental leave, is becoming popular in many organizations.

Help with student loan debt

To entice recent college grads to join their businesses, some companies are offering to reimburse them for their student loan burden. One consulting company offers its employees $100 per month to be applied toward student loan debt.

Concert tickets

Some employers have access to seats at concerts, comedy shows and sporting events. Sharing these with employees will be a much-appreciated perk.

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