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Is Your Bad Attitude at Work Making You Unproductive?

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Is Your Bad Attitude at Work Making You Unproductive?

You’ve probably witnessed it where you work: There are those one or two co-workers who seem to walk around with a chip on their shoulder, finding fault throughout the workplace but offering few if any remedies for the issues they constantly find to criticize.

Many of them leave the company eventually, but it’s highly unlikely they will find satisfaction at their next stop. That’s because they have a bad attitude, and that will travel with them wherever they go.

You might be one of these workers with the kind of toxic attitude that’s holding you back from achieving the most from your career. Not only that but you could be affecting (or infecting!) the entire workplace with it. Here are a few reasons you should seriously consider an attitude makeover:

A bad attitude can become your trademark

Instead of seeing the things you have accomplished at work, others will see you as the department’s constant complainer. You might have some good qualities, but once you’ve been branded with a bad attitude, they will be overshadowed by your negative outlook.

You might even say or do something positive, but your established attitude and the perceptions your co-workers and manager have of you will prevail. And looking on the practical side, if work slows down, you could find your name at the top of the layoff list.

Your attitude could be affecting morale

If your co-workers see you missing work or arriving late habitually, they may no longer see a need to follow the rules. Your negative attitude can influence others in many ways. After listening to you berate the company during work breaks, for instance, your peers will be less likely to enjoy working there. And unhappy employees are more likely to be unproductive.

Your company’s customers will sense a toxic atmosphere

If you think a bad attitude could not possibly harm a business, think again. If customers and clients detect a poor attitude from workers, they might not come back. After all, if workers approach their projects without enthusiasm, there is a good chance that neither deadlines nor quality requirements will be met. Once your manager determines you are the source of the department’s negativity, you may be asked to leave.

Your attitude can destroy teamwork

Workers need to work together for optimum productivity. Good attitudes create an environment of trust and cooperation, while bad ones don’t allow an atmosphere of collaboration to develop. Because bad attitudes tend to cause good workers to move elsewhere, it’s even harder to build a strong and productive team.

Are you ready to adjust your attitude and find your dream job?

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