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Start Setting Business Goals for 2019…Here’s How!

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Start Setting Business Goals for 2019…Here’s How!

As 2018 starts winding down, it’s time to begin planning for next year. 2019 will be fantastic or a disappointment depending on how proficient you are at setting goals for your business. First, you need to look back on this year and decide how you can improve things for your company. Then, you need to put your objectives in writing and keep them front and center for the entire year. Your goals should not be a moving target, but you must allow for unforeseen events that will require adjustments.

Every organization is unique, and yours is no exception. But these suggestions can provide a guideline for making 2019 your most successful year to date:

Decide on a specific sales figure

Say your small business had two million in sales in 2017, and it looks as if 2018 will also be 10 percent higher. If you want 2019 to have similar growth in sales, set your target at $2.5 million for 2019 with a monthly goal of about $208,000. Take into account any additional employees, equipment, and customers you’ll need to reach that sales figure and move in that direction before the end of the year.

Take at least one day each week to work on instead of in your business

Small business owners tend to devote most of their time working in their businesses, doing those day-to-day tasks that are needed to make on-time deliveries. It’s easy for them to neglect the long-term planning that ensures continued growth of the organization. Working one day per week on your business should be a primary goal for 2019.

Choose to improve your work/life balance

While this might seem counterintuitive to increasing sales, it isn’t. Without the proper balance between your personal and business life, you will not have the mental or physical energy that is required for success. Make it a goal to spend weekends with your family, and don’t eschew vacations because you believe the business can’t run without you. It can!

Sign up for conferences and networking events

If your goal is to continue growing your business, you need to have a parallel goal of attending conferences that keep you on top of things happening in your industry and taking the time to be at events that help you develop and maintain critical relationships. You could put this under the umbrella goal of working on your business.

Don’t forget your continuing education

Technology is ruling your personal and business life. Make sure you are keeping up with and learning about the latest technological improvements that will help your business keep up with or outdistance the competition. Make it a goal to learn all you can about the latest and greatest, so you can set your company apart from the others.

Make it a goal to find the best employees in 2019

Let us help you find them. Contact Pro Resources for the light industrial or technical/professional help you need. We’ve been in business for over 30 years, so we will use our expertise to help you find your next top-notch worker.