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Graduating Early? Here’s How a Staffing Agency Finds You a Job!

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Graduating Early? Here’s How a Staffing Agency Finds You a Job!

There are misconceptions about staffing agencies that might be discouraging you from taking advantage of their valuable services. First, these agencies are not limited to finding only entry-level or temporary jobs. And they do provide benefits to workers, despite what you may have heard through the rumor mill.

If you have recently graduated, your top priority is probably to find a job. But unless you have a connection to businesses that are hiring, finding the right position and company could be a frustrating process.

That’s where a staffing agency can help. They can be your connection to those companies that are looking for workers with your newly acquired skills. They have access to a wide variety of jobs in various industries, and they can match you up with a company that fits your skill set and personality.

Because these agencies—also called employment agencies or recruiting services—have already established relationships with businesses, they can circumvent much of the time and effort you would put into searching on your own.

What do I need to know about staffing agencies?

Businesses that have a job opening pay a staffing agency to find someone who is qualified. The agency then interviews job seekers who are applying for that specific job and those who are qualified and in their files from previous interviews. In some cases, the agency pays the selected candidate to work for their client, and in other cases, the candidate works directly for the company.

If the agency is paying the worker and the company is pleased with the worker’s performance, the company could decide to hire the individual permanently, in which case the business would become responsible for pay and benefits.

Why should I use an agency?

There are several benefits to using a staffing agency. Here are just a few of them:

  • They do the hard work for you:

    The agency will interview you and ask you about your skills and experience. They will let you know if any of their jobs could be a good fit for you, and you can also search for jobs on their site. And they often know of openings that aren’t being advertised anywhere else.

  • There is no cost to you: 

    The company that is looking to hire is the agency’s client, so it pays the fees. You don’t pay to be taken into consideration for a job at an agency.

  • They often include benefits. 

    Many staffing agencies provide benefits that may include health insurance and a retirement plan. These benefits usually begin after you have worked for a designated amount of hours.

  • They keep you informed: 

    Staffing agencies will give you feedback during the application process. Many of them also provide advice on revising your resume and give you suggestions on how to ace your interview.

What types of jobs can I expect to find?

Some people believe that staffing agencies fill temporary secretarial or administrative jobs and nothing else. The truth is you can find openings in almost every industry through a staffing agency. Pro Resources is a professional, clerical and light industrial agency located in Indiana offering short-term and long-term staffing options. With over 30 years of experience, Pro Resources can help you get your career off to the right start. Contact us, today!