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How to Increase Speed and Quality in Your Workplace

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How to Increase Speed and Quality in Your Workplace

Managers perform a balancing act every day: It consists of finding a way to have a productive workplace without sacrificing quality. Pushing your people to work harder is not the answer. Not only will you see a decrease in quality, morale among your team members will suffer, too.

Coaching your people to employ methods of working smarter and instituting strategies to help them make the most of their workday will benefit your business and your employees much more than strict rules or more extended hours.

Here are some simple approaches to increase both speed and quality in your company without creating an unhappy workforce:

Encourage your employees to take regular breaks

While it might sound counterintuitive, taking breaks can improve your workers’ ability to concentrate. Taking short breaks during long, tedious tasks can help your people maintain a steady level of performance, while working without breaks has been shown in research to hinder productivity.

Using longer breaks — a lunch hour, for instance — to exercise can also help improve productivity and quality. Getting their blood pumping might be just what your workers need to energize them and help them focus on their tasks.

Discourage multitasking

The ability to multitask was once considered a skill that resulted in higher efficiency. Now, studies have shown it is better to concentrate on one task at a time. Those who attempt to work on several things at once tend to waste time and be less productive. Persuade your workers to give their full attention to completing one task before moving on to the next one.

Limit those time-wasting meetings

Meetings are the bane of productivity. While there are occasions when it is necessary to have group discussions with your staff, you need to remember everyone who is in attendance is now unproductive. Before you schedule another meeting, make sure there isn’t a more efficient way (emails or phone calls) to distribute the information. If it requires a meeting, prepare an agenda and adhere to it to keep the meeting as short as possible.

Don’t confuse quality with perfection

You’ve heard it said that nothing is perfect, so don’t allow your people to waste time trying to achieve perfection. Quality work is an attainable goal that does not require more than your workers’ best efforts. Counsel them to use their skills and experiences to produce quality work efficiently. Perfectionists have their place in society, but they can drag down productivity unnecessarily in the workplace.

Have your team follow the “two-minute rule”

How does this rule work? Well, it’s about making the most of the small windows of time. If an action can be completed in two minutes or less, do it immediately. It takes less time to do it right away, and it saves your workers from having to come back to it later or forgetting to do it.

Speed and quality are easier to accomplish when you have the right people

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