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3 Signs You’re Dealing With a Bad Manager

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3 Signs You’re Dealing With a Bad Manager

Despite all the evidence that bad managers hurt productivity, destroy morale and increase turnover in an organization, there are still plenty of them around. And if you have the bad luck to work for one of them, you already know what a toxic situation they can create.

There are a variety of signs that point to a bad boss, and if you happen to work for one who has a combination of these, you could be spending your working hours in misery. These managers can impede your career path, spill over into your private life and even cause depression.

Here are three signs you are working for a flawed manager. If you recognize these in your boss, you might want to do some serious thinking about your future:


Excellent managers assign tasks to their workers and trust they’ll do them correctly and efficiently. Micromanagers watch over every single operation, no matter how minor. Looking over a worker’s shoulder wastes time and frustrates the employee, and it’s one of the most common complaints in the workplace.

Micromanaged workers are not highly productive because they focus on perfection even though it may not be necessary. By constantly scrutinizing an employee’s work, micromanagers are interfering with the natural flow of work. These managers can’t trust their employees to do good work or their quality control people to catch the occasional mistake. As a result, they can become quite a nuisance.

Never expresses appreciation

Bad managers are quick on the trigger when it comes to criticizing but rarely acknowledge excellent work. This attitude leaves workers feeling underappreciated and degraded. It is also one of the traits of a terrible boss that drives workers to the competition. It only takes a minute to say “thank you,” yet its effects will be felt a long time.

Showing gratitude for a job well done is effective in increasing productivity and morale. Managers would do well to substitute much-deserved praise in place of continuous criticism.

Poor communicator

Communication comes in several forms, and bad managers usually come up short in all of them. They are often poor listeners, which makes those doing the talking feel as though what they have to say is of little value. When it’s the boss who’s not listening, it can have a devastating effect on self-esteem and morale.

Many bad bosses are not good at providing feedback to their workers. As a result, their employees’ professional growth can be slowed, and they remain unsure of what is expected of them. If your manager is one of those who gives little or no feedback, approach them and ask for it. Do this regularly to ensure your boss knows you’re serious and interested.

Keep in mind that bad bosses are not necessarily bad people. If their behavior is causing you to hate your job, maybe you should make them aware of it. If that doesn’t change things, you can start to look at alternatives.

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